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Beautiful Dining Rooms that Make Us Want to Cook

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Dining in doesn’t have to mean eating takeout on the sofa, binging Netflix. Not at all! In fact, the “new normal” has many of us embracing our pots and pans once again and conjuring up some pretty tasty meals to enjoy in our own homes. And what better place to savor a delicious home cooked meal than in a beautiful dining room!

I personally love dinner parties, and I love creating amazing spaces in which to host them! One of my favorite things about designing a dining room is that you can really make it special, go over the top if you want! You don’t spend a ton of time in the dining room, so you can really pull out all the stops and let your personality shine.

Today I thought I’d share with you some fabulous dining rooms that inspire me. They are all different but each is special and wonderful in its own way. And if you don’t like to cook? Well, takeout is still always an option. Just ditch the paper plates and break out the good stuff.  I’ve found that pepperoni pizza tastes especially good on my Christian Dior china 😉


Light + Bright

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Modern Farmhouse Style

Design by Rachel Halverson | Photo by Stacey Brandford




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Boho Chic

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Coastal Style

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Michael Jacob


One Kings Lane Interior Design via Curated Interior


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Color + Art

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Pattern Play

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Photo by Winnie Au | Design by Bradford Shellhammer


Timeless + Traditional

Contemporary + Eclectic

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Dark + Moody

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It is my hope that one day very soon we will all be able to gather around our dining room tables again with family and friends and give thanks for the precious gift of being together. Until then, I hope these inspirational images of beautiful dining spaces offer a pleasant pause in your day.

And remember, we are still working at Marcia Moore Design, so if you’d like to get started on a dining room makeover, we are fully functional and can handle most of the premliminary aspects, such as choosing furniture, wallpaper, paint, fabrics, lighting, etc. remotely, leaving us ready to proceed as soon as things are back to normal.

Please email me to get started on a new project or if you have questions or concerns about a current one. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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