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Both women and men, industry professionals and the St. Louis community all love working with Marcia Moore Design.

Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Industry Professionals

“Working with Marcia Moore and her team of professionals was not only a breeze, but a lot of fun. Marcia is well organized, and her team and I shared the same goals on our last project—ensuring the homeowner’s happiness! Marcia has an outstanding eye for styling and design, and I look forward to working with her and the gang on future projects.”

— Rob Soper, Owner, Ohana Building Group, LLC

“Marcia Moore and I worked together on two projects: an extensive remodel and a new home construction. In the remodel, Marcia was instrumental in helping our clients make numerous and overwhelming design choices. She brought direction, focus and rigor to the decision-making process, which made the project a great success. In the new home construction project, Marcia worked with our clients to refine and define the plans to ensure their specific design goals were accomplished and helped our clients choose all of their interior finishes and purchase all new furnishings. In both cases, Marcia’s work helped both me as the builder and our clients immensely.”

— Chuck Schagrin, Amherst Corporation

“Marcia is always a pleasure to work with. Her customer service is world class! I love how she is confident in her design while being mindful of her clients’ taste and needs. Marcia takes the time to think of every detail and incorporate function along with design. Her finishing touches always complement each room tastefully and beautifully.”

— Tami Miller, Immerse


“Marcia Moore was our designer for the house we recently built. She was instrumental in ensuring we had the house of our dreams, down to the very last detail. We worked with her throughout the process on all the selections: interior and exterior. She showed us items we would never have considered on our own but that were perfect for us and kept us from making mistakes. In addition to being very creative and knowledgeable, she is down-to-earth, fun to work with and helped alleviate a lot of the stress associated with building your own home. She and her team are awesome!”

— K.S.

“Marcia and her team not only helped us make educated choices for our kitchen remodel, they helped us navigate a water emergency and the removal of old building materials found behind the walls. And, she and her team kept us smiling and laughing through the whole process.”

— L.B.

“We gutted a bathroom stuck in the 1960s and replaced it with a clean, contemporary look. There is so much out there to choose from, which can be overwhelming, but Marcia guided us through by showing us options that fit our style. We knew we wanted a floating vanity, and Marcia knew exactly where to go for a custom design made locally. This beautiful piece sets the tone for the entire room. Another key design element that Marcia brought to our project was the unique application for the backsplash tile. Nearly everyone who sees it comments about how fun and interesting it is. The bathroom is now exactly as we imagined and is a perfect reflection of our style. Marcia was easy and fun to work with, and we’re looking forward to planning another project with her.”

— K.R.

Marcia and I have worked on several projects over the past four to five years. Most recently, she took on a total remodel of our 1940s pink bathroom and transformed it into a fabulous space. Fortunately, it was completed just before Christmas and got rave reviews from friends and family who could not believe their eyes! The workers she contracted were top notch, professional and respectful of the fact that we still had to live in the house during this major transformation. One of Marcia’s strengths is her ability to nudge you gently out of your comfort zone but still maintain your taste and vision. I have always felt that the finished product reflects that. Marcia saved me from many costly mistakes, and for that alone, I am grateful. Probably the most important thing I have to say is that I love my home and especially the new bathroom, which makes me happy every time I step in the room or pass by.”

— L.B.


“Working with Marcia is a great experience. We have worked with interior designers in the past, and what sets Marcia apart is her ability to marry what our tastes are with what her interior design instincts tell her. The results in our bedroom and bathroom were phenomenal. We have worked with Marcia for two and a half years on many home projects, and we love the results on all of them. Another comforting thing about working with Marcia is she is very responsive when we have questions or concerns. They are addressed quickly and always to our satisfaction. She made all our home projects fun, affordable and most importantly delivered phenomenal results!”

— P.G.

“When we met Marcia Moore and found out she had lived five years in Key West, we knew it would be a love connection. She instinctively understood the look we wanted to achieve. Remodeling our entire home and changing the décor from traditional to coastal required us to replace nearly everything we had. Marcia was instrumental in our remodel and redesign guiding numerous choices in everything from bathroom cabinetry, hardware, tile and fixtures to overall paint colors, furniture, lighting, carpet and accessories. She made what could have been an overwhelming decision-making process easy and fun. She was also very mindful of our budget, even down to choosing contractors who were not only professional and reliable but also reasonably priced. We are very happy with our ‘new’ coastal home and absolutely recommend Marcia!”

— C.S.

“When my wife ‘informed’ me that we were going to work with a designer, I had certain preconceptions and was pleasantly surprised. Marcia works with you. She finds out what you want. She helps you visualize what you both want your home to be and then gets you there. I was amazed at the results, and we are grateful to Marcia for her professional, insightful guidance.”

— T.R.


“Just a quick note to tell you my daughter visited Marcia Moore Design firm last month and very much enjoyed it. It was an invaluable experience for her and helped make her decision to pursue interior design in college”

— A Rockwood School District Mom

“Marcia is an amazing person and designer! Her design work on The Repertory Theatre’s community project was fabulous. The renovation of The Rep’s Garden Apartments was a huge success thanks to Marcia’s creative design, organization and resourcefulness. The actors are thrilled with their apartments, and those who have been here before are fully impressed by the quality of their living space. Marcia created living environments that are beautiful and comfortable. The Rep can’t thank her enough!”

— Deborah Sharn, Company Manager, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

“I met Marcia when she did a knockout job on a friend’s kitchen. I subsequently attended a workshop she presented and was incredibly impressed with both her room designs and the creative ideas she came up with for challenging situations given to her by the class participants. Marcia’s work is not only top quality but also budget-sensitive, and she obviously adores what she does.”

— N.R.