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“Décor is what you buy, STYLE is what you do with it.”

— Marcia Moore

If you think it’s hard to get design advice without having a designer come to your home, think again! There is so much we can do virtually with just a little extra participation from you, so no need to worry or to delay. Whether a very small project like making the top of your coffee table look fabulous or creating the perfect guest room and beyond, we have the tools to create your haven at home virtually. The Style Series is set up for small projects like styling a bookcase or mantel. Simply the Best by the Hour is perfect for bigger projects, room to room advise, or as a kickoff for a future remodel or addition. Whatever you need, your desire is our design.

Simply The Best By The Hour

Design time to use as you please, whatever your needs. Here are some examples:

Your Choice of Project


Floor plans to rearrange furniture

Color scheme & design style

The perfect guest bedroom

Stylish mudroom or laundry room

Get started on a future large project

Your Choice of Time


$190 – one hour

$540 – 3 hours @ $180/hr.

$850 – 5 hours @ $170/hr.

$1280 – 8 hours @ $160/hr.

$1500 – 10 hours @ $150/hr.

Don’t see your project here? Just ask. This is just a sampling of frequently asked for advice.