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Working It: Home Offices that Inspire Productivity & Look Good Doing It

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Who would have thought back in March, that millions of Americans would be working from home for months on end? Crazy, isn’t it? It’s almost August, and many of us, including me and everyone at Marcia Moore Design, are still setting up shop in our homes. And although we’re all getting pretty good at the remote routine (gotta love Zoom), there are some days I think we all kinda wish we could escape back to the offices we left behind. But the return to normalcy is nothing if not blurry. Will we be going back to our offices this fall? Full-time? Part-time? Or will we continue to work from our homes?

Indeed, Covid-19 has brought into clear focus the huge impact that our housing has on our lives and wellbeing.  So today I begin a series on how the pandemic is affecting how we live, work and play in our homes, with an emphasis this week on “work” because whatever the future holds, I think we can all agree that having a work from home space that is both productive and inspiring is a must-have.

And, as is always the case with what I love, the home office spaces I’m sharing today are not your garden variety home offices. These are home offices that are well-designed, special spaces of all shapes, sizes and styles.

Ready to be inspired? Let’s get to work!


The Whole Enchilada

Have an entire room to dedicate to a home office? Or space in your lower level that can become a work zone? Here are some full-fledged home offices that are truly tricked out. Which one do you like?

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Or Any Nook Will Do

Don’t have space for an entire room dedicated to a home office? No problem. Any nook will do! Under the stairs? Sure! In a closet? Why not! Tucked in a hallway? Of course. If you have an unused space, chances are you can create a little work from home spot.

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Even Under the Eaves

Mezzanines, loft areas or unfinished attics are versatile spaces that offer endless possibilities and are perfect for a home office.

By a Window

Even the smallest office nook can feel large when your desk is by a window! And an office with a great view (even if it’s just some pretty flowers in your backyard) is hard to beat. Remember, lots of people don’t have a window at all in their “real” offices 😉

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In the Dining Room, or the Family Room, or the Game Room, or…..

Many rooms in our homes can do double duty when it comes to having a home office. Dining rooms, family rooms, game rooms, any room, can become a “work from home” space. The key here is to maintain clutter so your double duty room can go back to its original use when needed.

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Suzy Gorman


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Suzy Gorman

The office (to the right outside of the photo) offers this pretty little library sitting area, too. Don’t you just love that lavender sofa?


Tiny Spaces | Big Style

Even the smallest home offices can be big on style. Max out a modest space with great furniture, interesting artwork, color and texture to make the most out of a little.

Get Creative

Sometimes you just have to pull out all the creative stops to carve out some much needed space for a home office. Bookcases can really be your friend when creating a work from home space. Check out these creative ideas that take advantage of some awesome bookshelves.

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Storage is King

When planning a home office, remember that storage is key to staying organized and focused and keeping the dog from chewing up your “homework.”

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Working with Color

I love a colorful office, whether it’s an all over explosion of color or just a pop here and there. Here are some bright, beautiful spaces that would make working just a little more fun.

No Boring Office Furniture Allowed

One of the best things about having a home office is you can choose your own office furniture. And if you know me at all, you know that I like things that are unique and unexpected. There’s no reason why an awesome wingback chair or cool dining table can’t work in an office. “Business-y” certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

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Light It Up

Light can definitely affect your mood, and you need a combination of task, ambient and overhead lighting in an office. A statement light fixture like the ones in these photos is a great way to inject some drama and personality into your work from home space and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Floor Them

Don’t forget to make a style statement underfoot, such as an awesome graphic wall to wall carpet or a fantastic animal hide rug.

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Zoom Worthy

Is the first thing you look at on a Zoom meeting the wall behind the person? Of course it is! This wall can say a lot about you that you might not want your business colleagues to know. Better to choose your background wisely and make that wall a style statement you can be proud of.

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Get Out of the House

If you just can’t find room INSIDE for an office, maybe think OUTSIDE the house. Is there a building on your property that could be converted into a fabulous home office? Maybe an unused shed, standalone garage or barn? Reimagined shipping containers are popular now, too, for everything from home offices to art studios. (For more on accessory dwelling units, CLICK HERE).



If things continue going like they are, I foresee a lot of home office projects in our future. Even if we all do finally get back to our “out of the house” offices, it’s nice to know that if we need to work from home, we have a place ready to go. What about you? Do you have a comfortable, functional and chic place to get things done at home? If not, give us a call, at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to send us a email. We’d love to help!

We’re back running full speed at Marcia Moore Design but if you’d still prefer to work virtually, we understand and can do that, too. Whatever works best for you and makes you the most comfortable is great with us.

Stay safe and healthy,

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