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Wall on the Wild Side: Rooms that Wow

Daisy James


Art is one of the most personal design elements you can bring to a space. It doesn’t have to “match.” It just needs to speak to you and make you happy each time you look at it. But art doesn’t have to be a painting you frame, or a sculpture you display. Why not make your whole wall a piece of art? Today, I’m sharing with you rooms with some pretty wild and wonderful walls. Some are painted, some are wallpapered and some are dressed in murals. But each one is unique. Each one transforms the room into something special and “off the wall.”


Love street art? Graffiti-inspired walls give a room some well-deserved “street cred” and look pretty amazing, too.

Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Carrie’s Design Musings | Design by Isabel & Ruben Toldeo



Give your walls a global vibe with ethnic patterns, such as African tribal, Japanese Shibori and Moroccan.

Virginia Volman Design


Source Unknown


Suzann Kletzein



Bring the outdoors in with oversized blooms, tropical foliage, butterflies, birds and fish. Floral wallpapers are a huge trend this year. If you’re a fan, be sure to check out our post “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Source Unknown



Abstract art throws reality to the wind and relies on shapes, colors and forms to achieve its effect. Want a room with tons of personality? Go abstract on your walls.


Color blocking is an easy and impactful way to add interest and color to your walls.

Source Unknown





Retro is in, and these walls prove that the 1970s were actually pretty cool (okay, just sometimes).

Source Unknown




Wallpaper from the 70s


If you really want to take your walls for a walk on the wild side, you can’t get much wilder than this? Yikes!

Source Unknown


And finally, here are some over the top, off the wall, unbelievable wall coverings by Dutch designer Daisy James. James believes that every room needs a special touch and should tell a story. Her larger than life designs are inspired by everything around her: nature, art, artists, flowers and emotions. Enjoy!

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