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Strokes of Genius

Nothing can change a room faster and more dramatically than paint. Whether you love bold, bright color or tend to embrace softer, more neutral hues, paintcan be transformative. Just a few creative brush strokes can take a space from ordinary to extraordinary. In celebration of Sherwin William’s National Painting Week, which starts Friday, I thought I’d share with you 4 ways I have used paintto make a style statement in my clients’ homes.

Faux Fabulous

Decorative paint finishes are a classic way to add texture and interest to your walls and ceiling. From understated glazes which create greater depth, to elaborate murals and illusionary tromp l’oeil, to paint treatments that mimic marble, suede, wood, metallic or stone, faux painting is where function meets artisanal style.

Rectangular brown wooden table

For this dining room, our goal was to create the illusion of a Tuscan courtyard, wrapping the space in the warmth of a sunset. To achieve this look, we faux painted the walls and molding to resemble old world plaster. The ceiling’s custom faux mural adds evening sky interest overhead, and together with the bright blue upholstered dining chairs, completes this room’s rich, bold color story. Faux painting by Cynthia Danielle Photo by Alise O’Brien

Color Splash

Sometimes all a space needs is a pop of color to bring out its personality and awesomeness. This hearth room is the perfect example of a wonderful gathering spot that just needed to find its voice.

Flat screen television on top of brown electric fireplace collage

This amazing makeover proves that the right color can make all the difference to a living space. These clients loved color and weren’t afraid to choose a deep plum for their hearth room. As you can see, this luscious hue pops off the wall and makes their furniture look even more beautiful. Adding a contemporary stone fireplace surround was the only other change we made to this now perfect space. “After” photo by Alise O’Brien

One of a Kind

Original custom paintings are one of the truly unique and special ways to make a space your own. I frequently commission a piece of art from a local artist and have it made specifically to fit a client’s space in the perfect size and in colors that complement the décor. Here are two pieces of original art I had created for a client’s master bedroom.

Four gray and black bed pillow inside bed room

An original work by Carey Seven of Mountjoy Designs, “Resting in the Nude” is a sophisticated and quiet finishing touch for this beautiful master bedroom, which is a study in neutrals.

Turned-off black electric fireplace inside white-painted room

I also commissioned an original custom landscape painting by local artist, Marcelle Calder for this master bedroom. The soothing greens in this piece give the space above the fireplace mantel just the right amount of pop, without being too bold.

It’s All in the Details

The design is in the details. As an interior designer, it’s my job to think of every possible detail to make your room complete, especially those finishing touches that you might not have thought of yourself.

Gray and beige light switch

Now you see it…now you don’t. A custom painted switch plate cover is almost indecipherable on this glass and stone backsplash. Faux painting by Carey Seven of Mountjoy Designs. Photo by Suzy Gorman.

Does your home need a splash of paint on the walls or the unique benefit of a faux facelift or maybe a one of a kind custom work of art? Marcia Moore Design works makeover miracles. Click here to contact us or give us a call at 314.560.0830.

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White and blue bed beside turned on table lamp inside roomWhite flower placed on glass dinner table under white chandelier inside room