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Sitting Pretty: Master Bedrooms that are an Escape from the Everyday

Alison Victoria | HGTV


The “Quiet Room,” the “Luxury Lounge,” the “Master Living Room…”all are names for master bedrooms that do double duty as a place to sleep and a place to relax, read, enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine at the end of the day…a place to escape from the world, or just your kids, for a moment or two…or three.

This year, more than ever, many of us are looking for a place to retreat, to “get away” without having to leave the house. Parents of young children and teens are especially enjoying bedrooms that give them a bit of a respite, where they can remove all the hats they are wearing and just be themselves. After all, many have been home with their kids for more than two months now, and it isn’t even summer break. It’s the year of the “endless summer!”

So, today I thought it might be nice to share with you my idea of the masterful master: sublime sanctuaries that incorporate a sitting/lounging/kick back space, bedrooms that are multi-functional but definitely not “sleepy,” stylish, soothing, upscale bedrooms that are true havens.


Sitting areas can be full on, almost like another room.

If your bedroom is large enough, adding an actual sitting area with a loveseat or sofa, a couple of chairs, accent tables and lamps really makes it feel like a getaway. Some people choose to put a pretty writing desk in their bedroom, too; a lovely and functional addition during these work from home days. A fireplace is an extra amazing touch, too 😉

Design by Rela Gleason | Architectural Digest


Design by Scott Mitchell + Denise Kuriger | Architectural Digest


Home Stratosphere


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Michael Jacob


Design by Lee Ledbetter | Architectural Digest


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Michael Jacob


Not that much space, but a little to spare? 

Sometimes just a chair or two and a little table is all you need. If you’re really limited on space, a bench at the end of the bed is a pretty and functional addition.



Enjoy the view! 

If you’re lucky enough to have amazing vistas, or even just a really pretty backyard, outside your window, position the bed, chairs or both in your luxury master bedroom lounge to take in all that beauty.

Peri Lauren Interiors


Jorge ROSSO Architecture + Interiors | Architectural Digest

Love the Frank Gehry “Wiggle Chair!”


Is your master bedroom the sumptuous haven that you want or need it to be? Would you like to add a lounge-like vibe to yours? Maybe just spruce things up a bit? Or maybe you’re up for a full remodel? How about a room addition so you can gain a luxury lounge? We can help! Minor spruce ups, such as rearranging, painting or adding a few chairs can be done pretty quickly. More extensive changes, such as a sitting room addition or a complete bedroom remodel, take more time.

Spring is the perfect season to get started so you’re all ready to enjoy your new retreat once the temperatures start to dip again. Give us a call at 314.395.1114. Or CLICK HERE to send us an email. With social distancing restrictions easing a bit, we’d be happy to come to your home if that makes sense, or we are still able to get a project off the ground virtually. Just let us know.

Stay safe and healthy!

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