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New Home Design

“Architecture is about trying to make the world a little bit more like our dreams.”


New home design

Building a custom home is very exciting. Infinite possibilities lie ahead. This is your opportunity to create the ideal living spaces for you and your family. But along with infinite possibilities come endless choices and decisions, which can quickly turn “exciting” into “exhausting.”

At Marcia Moore Design we want to be your partner in the home building process, serving as a qualified liaison between you and your architect and builder. Hiring an interior designer the same day you hire your architect and builder is key to ensuring a successful outcome. Don’t wait until the architect has finished the plans. Your interior designer, architect, and builder should be your home building team from the start.

We speak the language of these industry professionals and understand the complex process of building a home. We see the big picture and can help you make upfront informed decisions not only about the best colors, finishes, and materials to use, but also the ideal lighting, flooring, cabinetry, and space plan. As experienced remodelers, we know how to make space functional as well as beautiful and can help you lay the right groundwork for good design. We also make sure important details, such as the proper placement of outlets, are not overlooked, alleviating the possible cost in time and money necessary to fix avoidable mistakes.

An integral part of your custom home design team, we make sure that your project is moving along on time and on budget. We also never forget that this is not just a new house; it’s your new home. We listen to your needs and use what we learn as a blueprint informing every design choice we suggest so that your home is truly a reflection of you. Building a custom home can be one of the biggest and most costly adventures you will ever undertake. Let us eliminate a lot of the stress inevitable in building a home and keep the process exciting.

“Marcia Moore was our designer for the house we recently built. She was instrumental in ensuring we had the house of our dreams, down to the very last detail.”