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Room Dividers: One of the Top Design Trends in 2021

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Karen Palmer


2020 was the year that #wfh became an all too familiar acronym. And as we worked from home, studied from home, played at home, relaxed at home, cooked at home, yadda, yadda, yadda, we decided that separate spaces in our homes were actually a good thing. It became the trend to get away from totally open floor plans to more structured rooms where we could be alone, yet still be together.

If putting up actual walls wasn’t an option, room dividers suddenly became a very interesting and popular way to reimagine our homes. Incorporating structural or moveable dividers helped restore balance to our multi-functional spaces. In fact, Etsy’s trend report for 2020/2021 showed a 134 percent increase in the search for room dividers.

I love room dividers because they are an excellent way to give your existing open floor plan a little structure and room delineation without a major remodeling overhaul. In the featured photo of my townhouse above, you’ll see I’ve used an interesting wooden divider to show separation from where the living room ends and the hallway begins.

Most of the time a room divider doesn’t so much add visual privacy (although some do) as much as it provides psychological privacy and noise reduction. Ever been on a Zoom call with your kids running around or dogs barking? A room divider can help you keep an eye on them and focus on the computer at the same time.

Beautiful room dividers can also add architectural interest to a boring box home. Think glass, mirror, metal, wood, macrame, maybe even a living wall!

Now it’s time to feast your eyes on my favorite room dividers. I know you’re gonna want one, or two 😉 .



Thick or thin, ornate or plain, wood slats are a classic choice for a room divider.

Architecte: Max Holst | Via Dezeen


Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Source Unknown



Don’t you love how this TV can swivel from one room to the other?”


Is the straight and narrow a little too boring for your tastes? Take a look at these wood room dividers that are a study in everything that’s great about geometry!

Source Unknown



Source Unknown






Photo by de Claudius Schulz | Via Enroute Magazine



Via ArchDaily



Via ArchDaily




Whether it’s paired with wood or metal, glass is a beautiful and glistening option for a room divider. (For more ways to use glass in your home’s interior design, click here).

Source Unknown



Design by LGF Studio | Photo by Pablo Sarabia



Pufik Homes



Design by Michaelis Boyd | Photo by Gavril Papadiotis



Design by Atelier FB



Design by Jamie Bush + Co. | Architect: Dennis Gibbens | Photo by Douglas Friedman | Via Elle Décor


Design by Space Copenhagen | Via Dezeen



Works of art unto themselves, these marvelous metal room dividers add a contemporary touch to a space.

Source Unknown



Fancy yourself a bit bohemian? Then these macramé room dividers will be right up your alley. Absolute works of art! (For more boho inspo, click here).

Design by Leslie Ann Wigon


Design by Sarah Parkes



These room dividers serve as stunning and functional architectural elements in their spaces.

Source Unknown
Design by B.o.


The easiest way to have an instant room divider is with a folding screen. Here are some fabulous options!

Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Kasaboo Home


Source Unknown


If you’re still struggling to find a work/home balance, a room divider might be the way to go. I hope you’ve found some inspiration today! And as always, if we can help you design your perfect dream home, please give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to send us an email.

Stay safe and healthy,

P.S. There’s lots more room divider inspo on our Pinterest page here.


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