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Oscar-worthy Media Rooms that Will Leave You Starstruck

The Wiseman Group

The Wiseman Group used Art Deco inspired shapes and vibrant pink to create a lavish, sensual media room.


“There’s no place like home.” Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz is credited with one of the most famous movie quotes of all time. And these days, when there aren’t many places to be besides home, it’s a good time to make being at home the best it can be. A decked out, luxurious media room is one way to do just that.

Who knows when we’ll all feel comfortable going to the actual movies again, so let’s talk about creating movie magic in your home. Today, I’d like to share with you a few media rooms that left me starry-eyed.


For this amazing home theatre, the client also requested a live performance stage with professional lighting for their two children and their friends to be able to put on puppet shows, karaoke, and other performances. (Don’t all kids have this? I mean, really.)




So luxurious! Love the blue velvet drapery fabric. Lots of media rooms have rather boring sound panels. The velvet drapery is a functional and beautiful alternative. I also love the pretty gold uplights. Mood lighting is especially important in a media room to…well…set the mood 😉




Red velvet is pretty great too, and so iconic for a home theatre.




And you can’t go wrong with a red carpet in a movie room, right, especially when it’s paired with a classic paisley on the walls… perfect for the “shaken not stirred” crowd.

Source Unknown


Prefer a more contemporary, low-key media room vibe? Check out these neutral rooms that prefer to let the movie itself be the star of the show.

This spectacular home theatre features stadium seating and 980-bottle wine cellar.

Plush, velvety seats and upholstered walls give this home theatre a platinum touch.

Design by Lindsay Chambers | Architecture by Paul McClean


This is just gorgeous! Look at that awesome carpet and note how the designer disguised the sound panels on the walls by making them seem like an architectural element in this space. Very clever. Did you notice the snack center at the back of the room, too?

Love how the pillows, patterned ottoman and movie posters (you can’t forget the movie posters) add fun pops of color to this otherwise neutral media room. Notice how the black ceiling disappears and makes the room look taller than it really is.



And look how comfy these colorful loungers are! I would totally fall asleep here before the movie even starts.

More seating that makes falling asleep a very viable option. These media rooms could do double duty as guest bedrooms once we can actually have people spend the night again.

Source Unknown




Not a traditional style media room, but I love how this circular sofa creates a warm cocoon in this space.

Another curved sofa that is just perfect here. I mean how cozy and comfortable is this room? Remember, theatre rooms are all about comfort; no hard surfaces (note the use of ottomans instead of tables) or uncomfortable seating allowed. Lots of pillows and soft blankets are also must-haves!

A media room done in black is classic and stunning, but remember, lighting is extra important in a black room. Don’t the sconces in this first photo look like light sabers? I think a midnight showing of Star Wars is in order.




Another black beauty

Seats with built-in snack and drink holders are an extra nice and functional touch.

Source Unknown


Speaking of snacks, don’t forget the candy counter and the popcorn machine!

A grand entrance to your media room will set the stage before you even step inside.

Since I wanted to make this post more about the pretty than the techy, I haven’t really touched on the importance of calling in the pros for all the technical stuff (wiring, sound, acoustical panels, etc.) that needs to happen to make an amazing media room star quality. There are several wonderful companies here in St. Louis that I collaborate with for projects like these. I leave the nitty gritty to them, so I can concentrate on creating the wow factor.

Source Unknown


So now that we have that out of the way, I’ll leave you with a really over the top home theatre that truly blows me away. Cue the applause!

I hope these media rooms, of all shapes, sizes and styles, have given you some food for thought. There’s never been a better time to make your home the retreat and haven you know it can be. Doesn’t a nice “Wednesday night” at the movies sound good right about now?

And remember, even if you don’t have the space to create a full-fledged, tricked-out media room like the ones I’ve shared today, you can still have a cozy space to watch movies. Just make sure you have blackout curtains, comfy chairs or sofa, dimmers on your lights and a great sound bar on your extra-large flat screen TV.

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