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Mastering the Mix with Pattern and Texture

red plush living room

The ideal partner to this year’s Maximalism trend, mixing patterns and textures in a room is an awesome way to add personality to a space. After all, if two’s company, then three is definitely a party when it comes to mixing it up. Two of my favorite designers, Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler are masters of the mix. They are genius at bringing a multitude of patterns, textures, and colors together to create a perfect storm of gorgeous.

Ready to  forget the match and embrace the mix? Here’s a stunning roundup of rooms that brilliantly blend patterns and textures.


At first glance, the room on the left seems very sleek and sexy. Look closer for hints of earthiness in the wood tabletop and sheepskin throw. The silk rug, sleek leather, shiny chrome chairs and table legs mix beautifully with the stunning brass chandelier and picture frame.

In the second photo, a wool rug, comfy velvet furniture and chunky wood and metal tables ground the room in texture while textured fronds, contemporary art, white walls and an airy chandelier draw your eye upward. A black ceiling keeps the focus on all the different design elements in the room.

Design by David Klass via Swoonworthy


Zebra skin on the floor, crazy wall pattern with a curlicue pattern right in front of it on the stairs, then add a crazy black and white carpet on the stairs. Gotta love how Kelly makes it all work! In the second photo, velvet and fur, plush carpet, pair beautifully with glass and brass. Opposites attract.

Palm Springs Style
Design by Pjetur Sigurdson | Photo by Jeff Mindell


This is such a stunning Jonathan Adler room! Love the pattern in the rug, don’t you? What a fabulous ground for the rest of the room. Since the rug is so bold, it’s the textures and solid colors used in the room that really make it interesting.

Black, white and brass – The room in the first photo is so classic, yet so contemporary and exciting because of the unique use of pattern and texture. And what about this laundry room!? I LOVE this look that pairs a modern gray and white floral wallpaper with large buffalo check floor tiles!





In the first photo, I love the use of marble laid on the diagonal floor, for walls and waterfall counter, and on the table. Accent it with shiny brass and a zebra print on the chairs- so classic. But wait, let’s add a large abstract painting for some color and a little more interest. In the second photo, animal print makes another cameo appearance in the towel. And who woulda thought that three distinct tile patterns would blend so beautifully together? And what about the mix of textures? Matte floor tile, glossy wall tile, porcelain, terrycloth and metal. This room has it all!

Source Unknown


Red can be a difficult color to work with when it comes to interior design. Too much red and a space can end up feeling hostile and loud, very far from the tranquil look seen here. Using red just as a solid accent color while all the pattern is in the neutral blacks and browns keeps the room tranquil. Gorgeous textures and patterns include wood, velvet, sleek metal, shiny granite, striped wool, woven seagrass pendant shades, sheer drapes, chevron floor and a plant. This is one of the most interesting, unique and dramatic rooms I’ve seen in a long time.

red plush living room

I love the dramatic contrasts and sophisticated color schemes, with black playing a major grounding role, in both of these rooms. In the first space, stripes and small checks on the sofa and chair play nicely next to a busy pattern on the ottoman. In the second photo, the mix of textures, including hair hide, velvet, wool, silk, linen, leather, crystals and glossy wood is stunning. The handmade abstract art oil painting is a bold finishing touch.

Source Unknown




Two completely different spaces; one rustic and earthy; one glamorous and contemporary, but both rich with texture, pattern and color. The space in the first photo uses autumn hues, metals, woods and a textured wall covering to give an artisanal vibe to the space.  The bedroom in the second photo uses the same family of blues but in different patterns. The diamond shape on the lamp is repeated in the sham fabric. And the opposing textures, including velvet, silk, nubby tweed on the headboard, wood, sleek chrome, fabric and wallpaper combine to create a harmonious and restful space.

Design by Marcia MoorePhoto by Suzy Gorman


Kelly Wearstler comes through again with this unique leather treatment on the bed. All by itself this is stunning, but paired with all the varying black and white patterns and a bold tile designed wallpaper, this room is knockout.

Okay, this first photo, just WOW! Too many patterns to name but this room by maximalist masters John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage works so well. Look at each element to notice all the different textures. Especially the painted wood parquet floor. In the second Jonathan Adler room, notice all the patterns are black and white, while solid shades of yellow add color to the room.

Design by Madcap Cottage | Photo by John Bessler
House and Garden


So, have I inspired you to ditch the match and embrace the mix? Don’t be afraid to experiment! Pairing different patterns and textures is fun and can quickly take your room from fine to fabulous. It’s creative, out of the box thinking like this that makes our custom home design and remodels one-of-a-kind. Give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

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