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Living in Purrrfect Harmony with Your Pets



The dog days of summer are upon us. And if you’re the proud parent of an impossibly cute canine or a fabulously fine feline, aren’t they all really dog (and cat) days? If you’ve clicked on this blog, you probably have a furry friend. Or maybe you’re thinking about adding a precious pet to your household. Or maybe you just like dogs and cats. Whichever category you fall into, this post is all about living stylishly with Fido or Felix.

Yep, it can be done. No need to sacrifice good design to accommodate your besties. Here’s how to make your home both lovely and livable, all the while keeping your pawsome buddies top of mind.


Create Custom Solutions

Think of ways to make your pets’ needs work seamlessly and cleverly into your home’s design and decor.

Coastal Interiors via Hatchet Design and Remodel


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Matt Hughes


Molly Frey Design via Hatchet Design and Remodel


Design by Wesley Wayne Interiors via Dering Hall
Photo by Stephen Karlisch


Source Unknown


Apartment Therapy via Hatchet Design and Remodel



Think outside the (litter) box and create special, unexpected spaces for your pets in your home.

We’re actually creating a catwalk in a client’s home! Here’s the perspective drawing we’ve completed for this project. We’ll post pictures when we have it installed.

Pawfect Perches

Sharing your digs with the dogs (and cats) means choosing furniture that works for them and you. Furniture companies are now offering sophisticated, fun options that not only pamper your pet but are functional and pawsitively chic.

Source Unknown


Design by Paul Kweton via Architecture and Design






Take it outside to the catio

My brother and his wife have built the most amazing outdoor play area for their feline friends. Check it out! (All photos are theirs).



And finally, for the pet who has everything ….

Because who are we kidding? The real kings and queens of the castle have four legs.

Pets are the best thing ever. And so is having a well-designed, beautiful home. Luckily you can have both! As a fellow pet lover and cat momma, I will help you create a gorgeous feline or canine friendly home. Give me a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact me.

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