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Lighting To Love In 2020

Lighting is frequently called the jewelry of interior design.  It is certainly one of the features that can add some WOW to your home.  I am always looking for unique, quirky and fun fixtures to jazz up a project.  So today’s blog is all about lighting. This week we would like to welcome a guest blogger, Wilson Lighting.  Wilson is one of the companies we partner with frequently in order to provide our clients with the best choices and best service we can.  They are just back from Dallas market with lots of information on 2020 trends in lighting.  I’ll let them take over from here – enjoy!


Black Out

Dark finishes aren’t new to the lighting game—bronze has been a staple for a variety of styles for years. But consumers are making the full jump into dark finishes with an emphasis on black. Whether on its own, mixed with brass or chrome, or paired with white glass, it brings a classic elegance to your design style. It’s clean, bold and offers great contrast and depth to a space.

The Midas Touch

Although gold and brass were almost taboo for many years, it’s made a strong comeback and we can’t get enough! Brushed brass, gold leaf, and all tones of this luxurious finish will be seen in nearly every collection and style of lighting. Brass can add warmth, glamour, and refinement to a space, and lighting is a great way to show it off.

Stylishly Simple

From the more traditional styles to the ever-popular farmhouse style, a trend you’ll see throughout all of the latest designs is a sense of simplicity. Rather than being overwhelmed with details, textures, and elaborate frames, lighting brands are perfecting the art of creating something beautiful in its simplicity. It’s like having the most delicious chocolate ice cream of your life, rather than one overwhelmed and disguised with a thousand toppings. It’s simple, but far from boring or plain and allows the most important elements to really shine.

Milking The Details

Although designs have taken a turn for the simple, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting. Instead, it allows for more focus on details that are oh-so spectacular. It could be as simple as using a fun bulb to add interest to a fixture, or as artistic as textured glass. Consumers overall are trying to simplify their lives and reduce clutter, and that has translated into product design. It’s all about creating the most with the least, and being left with an aesthetically satisfying piece.

All Mixed Up

Forget putting your style into a box with rules and guidelines, and forget matching every finish perfectly to each other. Nowadays, it’s all about blurring those lines and mixing it up. Traditional chandeliers have been simplified and updated to seem more modern. Mid-Century inspiration has been refined and given new life. Brass is mixed with black, chrome, bronze, and brushed nickel. By removing rigid rules of style and color matching, you can take the best elements of each style and create a unique look that’s perfectly curated to your personality. Each piece is more versatile and there are more options to mix, match, and pair together as you design your space.

Game Changer: LED

The introduction and vast improvement of LED bulbs over the last few years has brought energy efficiency to homes without sacrificing the quality of the light provided. As this technology has taken off, we’re also seeing exciting new designs that you couldn’t possibly have with traditional bulbs. From the most contemporary linear bars to twisting and turning sculptures, or just a sleeker look without candlesticks and sockets, LED has opened a whole new world of lighting design.

For more on the new LEDs, CLICK HERE.


Round and Round

Globe glass, overlapping ovals, wagon wheel chandeliers…the latest light fixtures feature a lot of circular shapes. Maybe it’s the retro feel when you pair it with mixed metals, or the classic feel with a round metal frame, but this particular shape has definitely caught on. Whatever the style, circular shapes can offer a softer side to a design, and sometimes a funky personality. Keep an eye out for circle shapes and see how they can soften or spice up your design.

As you can see, there’s a lot of fun, beauty, and innovation in the latest lighting designs. If you see a lighting trend that catches your eye, you’re just one visit away from making it yours. The Wilson Lighting showroom in Clayton has all the styles you love, plus all the latest trends. With most fixtures in stock, you can take your favorites home the same day. Plus, Wilson Lighting is so much more than a lighting store, and offers accent furniture, art, mirrors, and accessories to complement your new lighting selections.

Some great information, right?  Thank you so much Wilson Lighting for enlightening us on the new trends.  If you are in need of any new lighting give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to send us an email, and we will be happy to find that perfect piece of jewelry for your home.

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