Lavender: 22 Ways to Use this Classic Spring Hue at Home

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Alise O’Brien


“Lavender is the new pink. I’ll never stop wearing pink, but I wanted to venture out.” — Nicki Minaj


Move over millennial pink, luscious lavender has entered the building.  At New York Fashion Week last fall, the pretty hue was deemed an “IT” color that would be making a sartorial splash this spring.

And as we all know, what walks down the runway is often an indication of what will be dressing our homes, too.  Lavender is a soothing, luxurious hue that represents wealth, creativity, wisdom and peace. And although we may associate lavender with springtime (think crocuses, orchids, and of course, lilacs), this pretty purple shade is romantic and elegant, making it a perfect color choice year-round.

Lavender’s fresh, dewy nature is the reason it often ends up on the walls of nurseries and little girls’ rooms. But make no mistake about it, lavender is also a sophisticated and versatile shade that can easily work anywhere in your home and can be a welcome and unexpected color choice.

True lavender (named after the flower) is a blend of white and violet. But lavender, when used in interiors, incorporates a large spectrum of shades from pale purples to light pinks, to blues and grays. Typically, the lilac, or pinker versions, evoke soft femininity and freshness, while the bluer grays are more neutral, elegant and a little less youthful.

But whichever shade, lavender or lilac, that you choose, you can be sure that the lovely hue will create a space that turns heads.

Here are a few ways to use it in your home:


Standout Style

As a designer who loves to use color, especially deep, rich shades, I’m also a fan of more pastel hues. This lilac sofa I chose for a client’s home office is a great example. A statement piece in the room, this gentler version of bold purple still adds life and drama to the space, but in a hushed, more subdued way.

The same holds true for this kitchen island. The lavender shade certainly makes a statement but is much softer than a bright purple would be. Plus, it’s unexpected! I mean how many lavender kitchen islands have you seen?

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Alise O’Brien


Afraid of Commitment?

If you want to quietly work this new color into your home before making a big commitment, dip your toe in lavender by using it in upholstery, wallpaper, a specialty paint treatment (love those lavender stripes!) or as an accent wall.



Photo by Jane Beiles


Suite Dreams

Perfect for nurseries but equally as wonderful in a master suite, lavender is a versatile hue that can be whatever you want it to be, and it does it so beautifully. I especially love lavender with spring green.

Beyond Paint

Don’t stop at paint! There are so many beautiful wallpapers and tiles that use lavender shades.

Need More Inspiration?

Here are more rooms that use lavender so beautifully, either boldly or as an accent. Which is your favorite?

Source Unknown


There are many lavender and lilac shades from which to choose. Here are four of my favorites from Benjamin Moore:

Spring Lilac


Misty Lilac




French Lilac


So what about lavender? Love it or leave it? I love it for so many reasons; especially for its versatility. And it’s such an unexpected color. Not many people think about using lavender in their homes, but once they do, it often becomes a favorite.

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