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Hands Down, Some of the Coolest Décor Around

“I admire everything that is useless, frivolous and whimsical. I hate functionalism, post modernism and almost everything else. I do not agree with the dictum that houses are supposed to be ‘machines to live in’. For me, the house and its objects is supposed to be some crazy place that make you laugh.” ~ Pedro Friedeberg

Although he has painted, illustrated and sculpted countless pieces throughout his still ongoing career, Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg is best known for his “hand chair.” The chair is a parody of the design principle that “form follows function” espoused by modern designers, such as Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus Movement.

I’ve always loved the hand chair and all of the quirky, fun accessories and furnishings that are inspired by this iconic work of art. And what better time to celebrate the hand than now when all you hear is “wash your hands long enough to create bubbles,” “use hand sanitizer,” “don’t touch your face,” …. ay, yi yi! Forget my face, I can’t get my hands off my brain!

So sit back and enjoy this lighthearted look at some of the fun, unique and, yes, even useful décor items I’ve found that are hands down statement makers.


Got a Light?

Lend Me a Hand

Helping Hands



Have a Seat

Source Unknown


Susana Simonpietri | Chango & Co


Lend Me a Hand in the Kitchen?

“Hand”some Accessories

More of a Foot Person? Got You Covered.

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