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Get to Know Marcia Moore

Marcia Moore smiling
Marcia Moore
Photo by Suzy Gorman


I’m very excited about our newest blog series, “Get to Know.” Throughout this series, you’ll get to know the Marcia Moore Design team; who and what inspires us and what sets our design hearts aflutter. We’ll even give you a glimpse into what we like to do when we’re not thinking “design.” (As if that ever happens).

Here’s a little bit about me to start the series.


My Go-To Color Choice

Each space and project is different. The perfect colors for one house may not work at all in another house. I take into account the entire range of elements that make up the space when choosing a palette, so I really don’t have a go-to color choice. That would be way too predictable and boring!

Rich, dramatic jewel tones are a favorite of mine.

plum living room
Design by Marcia Moore
Photo by Michael Jacob


green powder room
Design by Karen Dubinsky
Photo by Karen Palmer


This sitting room is pretty in peach.

peach sitting room
Design by Marcia Moore
Photo by Michael Jacob


Black and white is always right in my book.

black and white bath
Design by Marcia Moore
Photo by Anne Matheis


Hotels That Inspire Me

Since I love to travel, I’m often asked about the hotels I stay in and if I get inspiration from them. The answer is “sometimes.” It depends on the hotel. LOL. More often than not, however, somewhere in my travels, I’m able to find an element or two that sparks my interest and becomes a piece of my creative palette. When traveling abroad, the little differences between other countries and ours are fascinating.

Lighting is one design element that always interests me. Here are two examples from my fabulous trip to Greece last fall.

chandelier in greece


greece chandelier


My Favorite Digital Sources for Design Inspiration

I use them all! So many interesting photos from so many places can be found online. I’m like a kid in a candy store! Here are just a few sites I find useful:

Dering Hall

1st Dibs Introspective Magazine

Interior Design Homes newsletter

Home Adore newsletter (an international blog)

villa in china
Design by D Group
Photo by Threeimages
Home Adore


Where I go to Spot New Style

Chicago is close, so happenings at The Merchandise Mart are always a source of inspiration. I’m still a big fan of print magazines and gain lots of valuable style tips while browsing through my favorites on a lazy Sunday morning. And then, of course, there’s the Internet! I subscribe to many US and international design blogs for lots of inspiration.

Here are some inspirational photos I took last fall while at Design Chicago, at the Merchandise Mart.

blue chair
black and white sofa
modern chandelier
glass table
coffee table
pom pom dog


velvet sofa


My Favorite Restaurant (for the design and food, of course)

There are so many to choose from! I love going to new restaurants to hopefully find my next favorite dish. And the curse of being a designer is that I can never step into a building without my brain thinking about all the elements of the design.

Last fall on my return from a fabulous vacation in Greece, I had a layover in London at Heathrow Airport. I had breakfast at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, Plane Food and was wowed by the floor and ceiling lights. Oh, and the food was great, too. Never would have thought I’d get design inspiration at an airport restaurant!

Plane Food


graphic floor


My Favorite Small Museum in the World

In St. Louis, it’s the St. Louis Art Museum, of course! Around the world, I haven’t been to nearly as many has I have on my bucket list, but my favorite so far is Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Battlo in Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi’s fantastical designs speak to my love of fantasy, the unique and whimsical.

My Perfect Friday Night

Friday night is my time to hole up in my home with a glass of wine, comfort food and a good book or movie. Deep down I’m an introvert (I know you can’t tell!) so downtime to recharge is critical to my well-being.

Even though this is not MY fireplace (wish it was), I am super proud of it since it just won a 2019 Architect and Designer Award!

Design by Marcia Moore
Photo by Karen Palmer


My Biggest Design Influences

The world is my oyster! Everywhere I travel I glean design ideas—I never tire of the hunt. I also have a few designers whose work I adore. Jamie Drake, Amy LauKara Mann and Kelly Wearstler are my favorites.

Jamie’s rooms are perfectly done, whether contemporary or traditional. I feel that I am seeing the individual client through his eyes, which is the highest compliment I can give a designer.

I love Amy’s use of color and pattern on the grand scale.

Kara uses a juxtaposition of dark and light as the backdrop for each room, which creates this amazingly grounded feeling.

Kelly’s over-the-top opulence and use of interesting objects creates a cocooning, jewel-box effect.

They are all such an inspiration.

How I Keep It All Together

Let’s be honest, this is definitely something I have yet to master! Being a business owner is like having three jobs at once. The “big picture” answer is balance. When I don’t have balance between my work and the rest of my life, I’m definitely not “together.” The one detail of my life that is critical to me keeping it together is being able to pack up and travel. Travel puts me back on track and feeds my soul. My goal is to run out of space on my passport.

Sipping champagne for lunch? In Santorini? Or watching the sun set over the Acropolis? Being away for two weeks on this fabulous trip to Greece gave me a chance to breathe and reenergize.

lunch in Santorini




I Love the Unexpected, Even Outdoors!

I was once asked in an interview if I could design a garden, would it be groomed or freestyle? I had a really hard time answering that question because I think I’m inbetween. I love a basic structure to a garden but there needs to be unexpected, freestyle features that pop out as you wander through. Like the wild side is constantly trying to take over the structure but never quite succeeds. And there, my friends, I have given you a little insight into who I truly am!

stepping stones
Home Stratosphere


So there you have it, a little glimpse into what makes me tick. Maybe you’ve learned something new about me that resonates with you and how you feel about design. If so, please give me a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact me. I’d love the chance to help you make your design dreams come true.

signature logo
fridablack and gold kitchen