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Get Back to Buff: How to Build the Ultimate Home Gym

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As if getting in shape wasn’t hard enough…the pandemic has to sweep in and make working out at your favorite gym more difficult or even impossible. Many of us are having to figure out ways to “get moving” without leaving the house, except for a nice long walk or run. Hence the boom in online fitness programs and smart bike sales, like Peloton, which allows riders to stream live spinning classes in immersive digital environments from the comfort of their own homes.

With this new normal, many people are also thinking about ditching the expensive gym membership altogether and creating an ultimate gym at home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, approximately one-third of new and potential homebuyers cite a home exercise room as either essential or desirable. No monthly fees, no driving to the gym, no waiting in line to use an exercise machine, no wiping down the equipment before and after a workout…for many homeowners, it’s making a lot of sense to stay in to work out.

And not to worry if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to getting in shape. Fitness rooms can be carved out of many spaces in your home, such as an unused attic, a corner of your lower level or bedroom, even a hallway. The smallest of spaces can be transformed into the ultimate home gym. Or maybe you have an outdoor shed or other accessory dwelling unit on your property that could be converted into a workout room.

So how do you go about creating the home gym that’s perfect for you? In this second post in a series on how the pandemic is affecting our housing and wellbeing, I’ll be giving you lots of ideas for workout rooms that hopefully will motivate you to stay in and get fit…in style.


Sleek and Modern

If the rest of your house skews to the contemporary side, your workout room can too! No need to add lots of equipment you don’t need. Sometimes a minimalist approach is the best one. Here are a few examples of sleek, serene spaces that work it. And if you have a view, lucky you!


The owner of this home gym primarily does pilates so they have a reformer, some weights, a balance ball and that’s about it. Love the concrete wall and lots of windows.



This contemporary home gym goes the extra mile with a sauna! Definitely a splurge but oh so great for those aching muscles after a good workout.



Want to add a lounge-y feel to your home gym? Add some comfy furniture and a TV or two.


Source Unknown

It would be easy to get your Zen on in this sophisticated and relaxing in-house yoga studio.


Wall Street Journal

I get a midcentury modern vibe in this home gym. Again, love all the windows that flood this space with natural light.


Only the Best

Some home gyms are quite luxurious, like this beautiful one with a penthouse view.

Some are filled with only the latest and greatest equipment, like Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s quarterback, Tom Brady’s home gym. It’s important to know what equipment to invest in to make your home gym perfect for you. This article by Consumer Reports does a good job helping you decide what to buy for all different budgets.

And then there are those that are above and beyond, like this poolside gym. Ahhhh.

Basements, Garages, and Spare Rooms…Oh My!

A basement or lower level is an obvious place to create the ultimate workout room but don’t overlook the options available in an extra garage bay, spare room or even an attic.

Home Stratosphere

I like how this homeowner created a workout room with glass walls in his lower level.


Source Unknown

Very cool attic turned home gym.


Garage Gym Experiment

How about this for “dinner and a show” in this garage/gym?


Ideal Home

This loft has been turned into a timeless and classic training room using everyday home furnishings. A hallway bench with wicker storage keeps gym equipment stored neatly in one place. There’s even a wicker laundry basket to toss towels at the end of a workout.


Garage Gym Reviews

No couch potatoes allowed in this living room! This space has been transformed into a full-fledged CrossFit Gym! An adjacent “nutrition station” (also known as a “kitchen”) is an extra perk. 😉


Marcia Moore Design | Photo by Suzy Gorman

For this condo redo, we converted a room off the great room into the perfect home gym. French doors separate the spaces. CLICK HERE to see more from this project.


Small Spaces Aren’t a Problem

Think you don’t have space for a home gym? Think again. Even the smallest spaces can yield big results, especially when you organize the space like you would a closet.

Professional Beauty

The wellness-focused Vitality Room at the Swissôtel Zurich was created as a place “where guests can revitalise body, mind and soul”. I love the workout “closet” which is pictured here. This is such a great idea for a residence, too!


Décor Pad

A ballet barre mounted on a large frameless mirror may be all you need.


Take It Outside

Remember how in last week’s blog we talked about setting up a home office in an outside building on your property? Well, same goes for a home gym. No room inside? Take it outdoors!



Need Some Motivation?

Give yourself some daily encouragement by dressing up a gym wall with a motivational quote decal, wallpaper or a bright, cheery color.












Love this energizing black and white graphic wallpaper!


Ideal Home

This home gym, with its whimsical wallpaper, could easily transition back into a guest room or home office if need be.



How fun are those bold orange and white stripes?


This and That

Need a little more inspo? Here are some more great design ideas for your home gym.

Source Unknown

Repurpose an unused mirror to make a small workout space seem big.



Like to grab a protein shake, smoothie or juice after your workout? Maybe your home gym needs a bevvie station.



Pump up the volume in your home gym with bright, bold lockers!


So are you ready to ditch that gym membership and create the ultimate workout room at home? C’mon, no excuses. Let’s do this. Give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to send us an email. We can help you get fit…no sweat.

We’re back running full speed at Marcia Moore Design but if you’d still prefer to work virtually, we understand and can do that, too. Whatever works best for you and makes you the most comfortable is great with us.

Stay safe and healthy,

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