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Design Your Dream Kitchen Using the Zodiac as Your Guide

Design by Alex Boudreau | Photo by Skye Parrott | Styling by Elaina Sullivan

Happy New Year! Thank the stars it finally arrived! My sincere hope is that this will be a year of renewal..for our health and our livelihoods. What will the stars hold for all of us?

I certainly don’t know all the answers, but a recent article I read in Domino magazine offered some interesting and fun intel on how to design our kitchens based on the zodiac signs! I thought you might enjoy this lighthearted approach to designing the kitchen of your dreams. Here are a few highlights!


(left): AQUARIUS | This no holds barred, bold and vibrant kitchen by Anthony Gianacakos of Anthony George Home might just hit a chord with the quirky, independent Aquarius who enjoys “walking to the beat of a different drum.” I love the riot of color and pattern in this awesome kitchen–so unique.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was used for the funky, hand drawn art on the walls.

(right): VIRGO | On the other hand, Virgos, lovers of streamlined organization, might be more taken with textile artist and designer Rachel Craven’s toned down kitchen with lots of places to store things. I really like the doorless upper cabinets being used as a display case. It adds interest while still keeping the open room concept.

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez


Photo by Laure Joliet


LIBRA | Beauty + Balance…this is the design combo that floats Libra’s astrological boat. This kitchen, designed by Naked Kitchens, with its high-end finishes, such as the beautiful brass backsplash and sleek wood island which balance perfectly with its no nonsense functionality is music to a Libra’s ears. Loving the two colors and the shiny brass–so unique.

Photo courtesy of Naked Kitchens


(left): SCORPIO | Moody Scorpios will love this tall, dark and handsome kitchen with its beautiful black and white terrazzo backsplash and floor by Camille Hermand. One of the 2021 trends is black kitchens, and this is definitely a show stopper. I especially love the accent of a wood tone in the stools.

(right): GEMINI | On the flip side, a bright, hardworking and multi-faceted kitchen, such as this one by Space Exploration, might appeal to Gemini’s social butterflies who are often found juggling many things (recipes?) at once.

Photo by Hervé Goluza


Photo courtesy of Space Exploration Design


TAURUS | This sign is all about comfort. A Taurus loves to be at home, so a big, comfortable, cozy laid-back kitchen like this one designed by Alex Boudreau for her Mexican getaway home is perfect. Love, love, love the many different kinds of storage that keep this kitchen from just looking functional.

Design by Alex Boudrou | Photo by Skye Parrott | Styling by Elaina Sullivan


(right): ARIES | The bright, multihued backsplash in fashion boutique owner Jennifer Mankins’ New York kitchen is reminiscent of Aries, the confident, fearless leader of the zodiac. I agree it definitely takes a confident person to enjoy this menagerie of color and objects. I think I would enjoy this in a vacation home, but not every day.

(right): SAGITTARIUS | Sagittarians are the free spirits and wanderers of the zodiac. I like the idea of mementos seen in this photo but not sure about in the kitchen. I would be more inclined to make this an art gallery wall (framed in glass to avoid damage from kitchen grease and steam). I do like the sleek cabinets and countertop, but I think a kitchen with a global feel, very eclectic and vibrant is perfect for this sign. This is my sign, so I should know!

Photo by Jessica Antola


Photo by Cody Guilfoyle


(left): CANCER |  This sign is all about home and family. I love how this casual kitchen still feels put together and is so inviting…perfect for Cancer. It reminds me of an old country store of shelves filled with necessities and delights.

(right): LEO | Leo’s love glam…even in the kitchen, so luxe brass cupboard fronts in this kitchen fill the bill as a dramatic focal point.

Photo by Aaron Bengochea


Photo by Yoshihiro Makino | Styling by Elaina Sullivan


PISCES |  Soothing blue cabinetry will certainly appeal to Pisces personalities…the sensitive soul of the zodiac. The chunky pendants and graphic floor engage this sign’s creative side, too, without overwhelming. This kitchen is peaceful and serene but definitely not boring.

Photo by Wynn Meyers


CAPRICORN |  Practical, ambitious and self-reliant, Capricorn’s will appreciate this kitchen by Space Exploration Design which features a custom banquette, and liberal use of wicker and wood, which no doubt appeal to the sign’s earthy side. The sharp angles of the table, banquette and pendant make the dining area look like a piece of art–very striking.

Photo courtesy of Space Exploration Design


So, is a new kitchen in the stars for you this year? January is such a great time to start anew and create a space that really functions well and leaves you starstruck, too.  Give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to send us an email if we can help make your dream kitchen a reality this year.

By the way, we’re back running full speed at Marcia Moore Design, but if you still prefer to work virtually, we understand and can do that, too. Whatever works best for you and makes you the most comfortable is great with us.

Stay safe and healthy,

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