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Decorating with Orange: Tips to Rock this Zesty Hue

Design by Franco Biscardi | Via Coastal Living
Photo by Carmel Brantley | Styled by Linda Hirst


“Orange is the happiest color.”   – Frank Sinatra


Orange you glad it’s almost fall (on the calendar at least)? I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but the thought of cooler temps, warm fires and a glass or two (or three) of a robust cab are sounding pretty luscious right about now. I’m also excited about bold, vibrant, hot fall colors, especially orange! Apparently, so is the paint company Valspar, which named “Orange Slice” as one of its 2019 Colors of the Year way back in January.

Orange is a color that is all in, you know what I mean?  It makes you sit up and pay attention. It’s happy, joyful, uplifting, playful, energetic and optimistic. It’s the color of falling leaves, pumpkins, sunsets, marigolds and marmalade. Orange is mango, copper, persimmon, burnt sienna, citrus orange and blood orange. Orange is the color of the season. And I’m loving it.

So how can you squeeze all of the sunshiny goodness out of this happy hue in your home?


Orange is a vibrant addition to a contemporary setting.

white table with orange chairs


It’s equally fabulous in a more traditional room.

Sometimes a little orange goes a long way.

Source Unknown


And sometimes orange can take center stage!

Min | Day Architects    Photo by Paul Crosby


Design by Patrick Mele | Art Home Garden


Orange can be dark and moody. Or it can be the pop of color in a moody space.

Photo by Neptune via Domino 


Source Unknown


It can also be bright, vibrant and literally bounce off the walls.

Design by Sheila Bridges


Orange is an awesome accent color and plays well with other bright hues.

It can also make a bold statement all on its own.

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Suzy Gorman

Orange brings warmth to a cool gray room. (For more beautiful gray rooms, CLICK HERE).

It’s the perfect foil for fuschia.

orange and fuschia bedroom

And it pops with purple.

pink blanket and pillows

Of course, we can’t forget orange and blue… a classic combo.

Walls come alive dressed in orange patterned or textured papers and tile.

Via Sarah Storm




Source Unknown

And it’s a standout color in any artwork!

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Matt Hughes


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Matt Hughes


Orange doors make a memorable first impression.

Source Unknown


And pop underfoot.

And kitchens “wow” with orange appliances!

We’re loving orange, what about you? Not sure yet? You could always try it out on your dog first.



If you don’t have a dog and would like to just go for it and give this happy hue a try in your new home or remodel, give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact us. Color is our specialty. Orange you glad?

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