Crazy for Coral: Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

In keeping with the bright, bold color trend we discussed last week on the blog, today I give you the brightest of the brights, the boldest of the bolds—Pantone’s Living Coral.

This is by far my favorite Color of the Month this year. I love the entire family of reds, from the palest pink to the deepest wine. Coral is a beautiful shade smack dab in the middle of orange and red. It’s a “make me happy” color; so lively and smileable.

So for this post, I decided to have some fun and share some inspirational photos that take coral over the top, which of course, I love. So why not take a chance, be brave, go bold, go crazy for coral. I dare you!

Here are 11 beautiful ways to use coral to the max (if you dare).

1. On the walls

Coral doesn’t just sit on your walls, it dances across them! Who couldn’t be happy in rooms that are wrapped in this sensational shade?

Ready to go all in? This fun coral flamingo fabric would be fantastic as a wallpaper! Or, yes, a pillow would be fine, too.

Willow Lane Textiles “Flamingo Fever”


2. In the bathroom

Mornings just got a whole lot brighter. Imagine prepping for the day with this pretty hue staring back at you.

3. On furniture

Coral + Velvet = sofa perfection

Source Unknown


Love these coral ottomans, but also take a look at this fun wallpaper and the color blocked ceiling!

4. On your house

Who doesn’t love little pink houses? Even when they aren’t so little? Coral is a popular hue for exteriors, especially across the pond and in tropical climates. Oh man, these photos seriously make me want to get on a jet plane.

Roussilon, France
CN Traveler
Photo by lillisphotography


Istanbul, Turkey
CN Traveler
Photo by Damla Karacabay


Rajasthan, India
CN Traveler
Photo by Pintai Suchachaisri


5. On window trim or an archway

Sometimes just a touch of color makes a huge difference. And sometimes, well you just need a lot of it.

6. In a traditional space or a contemporary one

Coral is not finicky. It looks just as beautiful as wallpaper in a traditional dining room as it does as a color wash in a contemporary or eclectic space.

Traditional Home
Design by Christina Murphy
Photo by John Bessler


7. On your eyes, in your hair or on your feet

Just had to include these. Have to admit, all three are stunning. Would you dare wear it in your hair? I just might.

Harper’s Bazaar
Photo by Getty Images


8. In the kitchen

Go subtle (well, kinda) by tempering bright coral with dark gray. Or throw caution to the wind and set your kitchen on fire!

9. On the curves

The staircase in the first photo is almost surreal, isn’t it? And the hallway in the second? Wow! Both have an ombre effect, too. BTW, whose brand colors do these two photos remind you of? Uh yeah baby.

10. On your lamp

Yep, you heard me, and I’m all over this spectacular ostrich feather floor lamp. Now that’s what I call statement lighting. (It comes in lots of feather colors, too, if coral isn’t your fav).

11. Just everywhere

No words.

So what do you think? Truth or dare? Do you crave coral yet? Let us know in the comments below. Color is something our designers do best, so if you’re looking to develop a color palette for your new home or remodel, give us a call at 314. 395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact us. And, no worries if neutrals are more your thing. We have plenty of experience making quieter palettes sing, too.

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