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Cooking in Color: Haute Hues are Hot in the Kitchen

Photo by Douglas Friedman | The Nordroom


“Color my world, and start with my kitchen.” That’s what many homeowners are saying these days. Color in the kitchen is hot right now, and the opportunities to add a super shade knows no bounds. Think way beyond the walls to appliances that pop, cabinets that sing, islands that are focal points, bold backsplashes, show stopping countertops, range hoods that wow…I could go on and on.

Of course color takes courage for many, so if you’re a little on the nervous Nelly side, you might want to choose a low-commitment way to dip your toe in the paint can. Maybe its a wall color for now, and an island redo later. Or maybe adding colorful bar or counter stools or even just an amazing rug will do the trick.

Whatever you decide, going with color in the kitchen in 2021 will definitely put you on trend. Plus, color is uplifting and happy. And that’s certainly what we all need in the new year.

Here are a few inspirational ways to add color to your kitchen. Is one of these haute hues calling your name?


Painted cabinets are beautiful, whether you go for a softer shade or a bold, vibrant hue.

Hubert Zandberg Interiors | Photo by Ingrid Rasmussen | Domino magazine

This soft sage green (“Esmeralda” by Flamant) is a pretty foil for the speckled terrazzo (also trending) countertop and backsplash.


Sheila Bridges Design

Another soft, blueish green, this time paired with a statement wallpaper.


Want to go a little bolder? These kitchens are sizzling hot with bright, happy cabinets.

Studio Scott

Loving the sleek yellow cabinetry in this very white, neutral space with an awesome painted exposed brick wall.


Design by Kelly Wearstler | Photo by Jean-Louis Denoit | Kitchn

Brass as a color? Yep. Kelly Wearstler is a master when it comes to glam, and these hammered metallic cabinets prove it!


Brave New Echo

On the flip side of glam, this modern kitchen has an earthy vibe with its light wood, honey-colored tile and blue cabinetry. Very restful.


Can’t decide what color to paint your cabinets? Why not choose two colors? Here are two kitchens that offer different colors on the top and bottom cabinets. Keeping the glossy pink to only the upper cabinets draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Design by Michelle Nussbaumer | Photo by Douglas Friedman |House Beautiful


Photo by Denilson Machado/MCA Estudio | Pkbarquitetura | Domino magazine



If painting your cabinets is too much of a commitment, why not try just painting the island to start?

Tammy Connor Interior Design | John B. Murray Architect | Photo by Victoria Pearson | Forbes


Designer Unknown | Chrissy Marie Blog


Source Unknown


This bright blue island we designed and installed for one of our clients was the exclamation point in this new white kitchen.

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Alise O’Brien



If you’ve really caught the color bug, all over color, cabinets, wall, island, backsplash…everything…is a true statement maker.

Ben Pentreath

A white accent wall is a visual breather for this kitchen that embraces a rich navy blue on its cabinetry and island.


Adding pops of color in your backsplash or an appliance, on the ceiling or with a rug are relatively easy and slightly less “scary” ways to experiment.

Kat Leibschwager Interiors | House of Turquoise | Photo by Gordon Beall


Designer Unknown


Sea Roost | The Maryn


Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg | Domino Magazine

Check out the very cool and colorful pendants above the island in this kitchen with its cabinets painted a soft mint hue (“Moth’s Wing” by Behr).


This kitchen (our featured photo above) checks all the color boxes: cabinets, walls (love that floral wallpaper), pendants, bar stools and a really cool patterned island countertop!

Photo by Douglas Friedman | The Nordroom


And finally, if you’re really into color, check out these eye-popping kitchens! Not for the faint of heart but definitely ones that will get your heart beating fast! Are you game? (If these Crayola-bright kitchens leave you wanting more of this dramatic style, check out our story on Memphis Design here).

So what do you think? Want to buck the white standard and give the color wheel a spin? Whether you are in for a little or a lot, we can help you color your world (or maybe just your kitchen). Give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to send us an email.

By the way, we’re back running full speed at Marcia Moore Design, but if you still prefer to work virtually, we understand and can do that, too. Whatever works best for you and makes you the most comfortable is great with us.

Stay safe and healthy,

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