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Cocoa by Candlelight: How to Hygge at Home

It’s that time of year! Time to nest, to cuddle up in a warm snuggly blanket, light some scented candles and enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee or (who are we kidding?) a glass of robust cab in front of a cracking fire. It’s time to cozy up and embrace your inner hygge.

If you haven’t heard of hygge, it’s the Scandi-cool Danish concept of enhancing your well-being by creating a calm, relaxing environment that uplifts your soul and makes you smile. It’s about slowing down and warming up, connecting with others, living in the moment and taking time to enjoy the simple things in life.

Hygge at home is all about anything that makes you feel comfy, cozy, content and peaceful. Chunky knits, blankets, roaring fires, sink-in-soft furniture, sheepskin rugs, textured bed linens, natural woods, flowers and plants all add to the vibe.

And luckily hygge is easier to embrace than to pronounce. For the non-Danish population, it’s somewhere between “hoo-gah” and “hue-gah.” Try puckering your lips when you say it.

tee pee
Lepastell    Amara


So turn off that unflattering overhead light, get those candles burning, throw on a comfy oversized sweater, pull on some woolly socks and pour yourself a hot whatever. It’s time to bring the warm glow of hygge into your home and life.

Here are a few inspirational spaces that I feel represent this unfettered lifestyle perfectly.

Note: All “Did You Know’s?” are from The Way of Us



Welcome home to a feeling of open, airy contentment. Loving these soft gray wood and glass barn doors.

barn doors

Baskets, pillows and lots of winter white, oh my! They all contribute to a simple calm that is so hygge.

Round mirrors figure prominently in these lovely, hygge-licious entryways.

round mirror foyer
Source Unknown


DID YOU KNOW? Incorporating healthy hedonism in the form of food and drink into your home is super hygge. Breakfast on homemade muesli and feast on hearty stews and artisan breads for dinner. Investing in a great kitchen will make creating those soul-warming meals so much nicer, too. 😉 I can help with that.



Small but mighty, we designed this kitchen to be the perfect gathering space for both dinner parties and intimate gatherings.

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Matthew Hughes


Hygge isn’t always about white. These dark kitchens are cozy and welcoming.

hygge kitchen
Source Unknown


I just love this luxe, lived-in kitchen. Everything about it works, and it definitely gives off a hygge vibe.


DID YOU KNOW? According to the 2019 World Happiness Report (yep, that’s really a thing), countries that practice hygge (or their version of it), including Finland, Denmark and Norway, are among the happiest in the world.



Light and bright with natural design elements, such as the rattan chairs and the gorgeous wood table, these dining rooms are a breath of fresh air.

Textures, such as these amazing Mongolian lamb fur-covered benches and live edge tabletop, play an important part in creating hygge in these spaces.

DID YOU KNOW? You can Hygge alone while making your morning cup of coffee, on the couch with Netflix and your signficant other, or even with friends around the dinner table. Hygge is simply being aware of a good moment.



Textured linens, lots of pillows and super soft blankets make these bedrooms undeniably comfy and inviting. And, of course, candles.

A woodland mural adds such a sense of serenity to the bedroom in the first photo, and in the second, more texture, more pillows, more fur, more greenery and more winter white. Hygge at its finest. (For more ways to use winter white at home, CLICK HERE).

Source Unknown


DID YOU KNOW? While you don’t necessarily have to buy anything to buy into hygge – it is in fact quite removed from consumerism – you should look to invest in the type of thing that will elevate the mundane to the sacred.



Contemporary spaces can have hygge, too. The first photo of a minimalist bathroom with a touch of rustic mixed in is a good example. And how great is this aged Belgian urn that doubles as a sink in this powder room in the second photo?

Sumptuous fur and an antique wood mirror give the bathroom in the first photo, with its showstopping tub, a huge dose of hygge. And an indoor/outdoor bathroom in the second photo is the ultimate way to get back to nature.

DID YOU KNOW? You should attempt to live your life as an art form, embrace your domestic chores as an opportunity to flex your hygge muscle and always look at stripping away any extraneous items that don’t bring you joy. Rustic equates to authentic. Simple means sophisticated. Flipping a record on your turntable instead of streaming music from your phone is lifestyle.



Light and bright or dark and moody, minimalistic or full of treasures, contemporary or traditional, rustic or refined; each of these living rooms is a welcoming gathering place to relax and unwind.

gray sofa
Source Unknown


dark room


DID YOU KNOW? Hygge is a lifestyle that needn’t cost much and is all about taking pleasure in the every day and making ordinary moments more meaningful. Next time you find yourself basking in a moment that feels like dipping into a warm bath, be grateful for it.



All fireplaces, traditonal, rustic and contemporary, by their very nature give a space hygge. Add in a few more elements, such as antlers, weathered brick, or a branch with berries to up the hygge vibe to the max.

fireplace with antlers


fireplace in bedroom


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Karen Palmer


And if all this hasn’t convinced you to add a little hygge spirit to your home, just remember, your cat or dog will love you for it.

cat on a blanket
Source Unknown


dog on a blanket
Source Unknown


So what do you think? Is your home in need of a little bit of hygge? Remember, adding hygge doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire space. Sometimes even the smallest addition, such as a new chunky knit blanket or a bevy of scented candles can transform the moment from mundane to marvelous. And as always, if you’re ready to make a big change to your interior spaces give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

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