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38 Cheeky Chairs



I recently watched a webinar on chair construction and everything that goes into making a quality chair–very interesting to me but most likely pretty boring to you. So, that’s not what I’m going to talk about today.

Today I’m going to introduce you to some cheeky chairs–chairs that are definitely not serious, but seriously fun.

I feel that every room needs some kind of statement piece–the one item in the room that stands out, draws attention, is out of the ordinary, one of a kind, a piece de resistance, a “wow,” “OMG” kinda worthy.

These cheeky chairs do just that; some are sculptures themselves, some are sleek and contemporary, some resemble period pieces, some are iconic designs from a stable of incredible furniture designers.

And some, well, some you just have to see to believe. They are the smile-makers in the bunch, because even if you could never imagine yourself having one of these crazy creations in your home, they’ll definitely make you smile (or laugh). And that…that is the purpose of today’s post.

So…let’s look at some cheeky chairs, why don’t we.



Sculptural chairs are in and of themselves pieces of art. Functional and fabulous, many of these chairs were created by famed designers around the world.

Social Design Magazine

This is one sexy chair. Kinda reminds me of a French girl wearing a big hat.


Danish Design Store

Designed by famed architect Frank Gehry as part of his 1972 “Easy Edges” series, the Wiggle Chair is made of robust corrugated cardboard.


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

This midcentury modern accent chair  features a round back and curved seat that appears to float on a thin metal frame; a light and airy addition to any interior.


Ode Chair

Sculpted from birch, the designer of this modern rocking chair says “Whilst unashamedly modern, it’s flowing surfaces lead the eye on an easy journey into a slower era.” I’m in.


B & B Italia

French industrial designer and architect Jean Marie Massaud’s delicately engineered chair pays homage to Eero Saarinen’s iconic midcentury-modern TWA terminal at New York’s JFK airport. Perched atop a metallic frame, the birdlike molded plastic and upholstered leather body is all swooping lines and aerodynamic curves. How cool is that?



The circa 1960s Anel Lounge Chair gives off a space age vibe with its ring-shaped back.


Oggetti Designs

Such a pretty open weave over a really sensual shape makes this accent chair a stunner!


Industrial Designers

Love all the pentagon shapes on this gorgeous chair.


1st Dibs

This antique swivel chair reminds me of curling ribbon!



The sophisticated “Dream Chair,” designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando and crafted by Carl Hansen & Son, is meant to “slip you into a trance.”


B & B Italia 

Now this is what I call laid-back luxury.


Gurioli Design

How amazing is the Circus Chair? Love the bright orange color. The designer says it reminds him of an apple peel, a seashell or the movement of the wind. I agree!



A classic design by William Platner for Knoll, this iconic 1960s lounge chair is created by welding curved steel rods to circular and semi-circular frames, simultaneously serving as structure and ornament.



Check out these beautiful and unique artistic wooden chairs.

Source Unknown

This chair is one smooth operator.



29 sections of laminated banak wood create this seemingly one-piece chair.




Source Unknown

This chair will bend over backward to make you comfy.


Source Unknown



These cheeky chairs are inspired by the Art Deco period of design when furniture started to become fun and artistic, in addition to being funcitonal.

Source Unknown



These cheeky chairs pay homage to Mother Nature and our animal friends.

Simon Cappelanti

So elegant! These beautiful chairs are inspired by calla lilies.


1st Dibs

Maybe a big yellow flower is more your thing.



Or perhaps a butterfly?


1st Dibs

Or a bunny?



If you’re a cat person, you might love this cheeky chair.



And how cute is this little sheep stool for a child’s room?



Truly unique, these cheeky chairs definitely make a statement.

Carlo Colombo

Life might be a bowlful of cherries, but 220 crush-proof polyurethane “blueberries” take this cheeky chair over the top.


Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy makes some fantastical chairs. This is definitely one of them.


Alexander Christoff

Who says you can’t be ergonomic and stylish at the same time? This elegant, high-backed chair features a red upholstered gym ball as its seat.



And finally…does this cheeky chair “appeal” to you? LOL. Sorry, had to do it.

And if you haven’t seen enough cheeky chairs, we have so many more to show you! CLICK HERE to see what else we’ve found on Pinterest.


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