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33 Beautiful Brick Accent Walls & Ceilings

Brick accent walls and ceilings instantly give a room a sense of history and place. Exposed brick is definitely having a design moment, but its roots are firmly planted in the past, dating back to the late 1900s when people found out it was less expensive to expose the brick in an older home than it was to repair or replace damaged plaster. Now, exposing brick inside the home is more of an interior design fashion statement than a way to save money.

Especially popular in urban lofts and historical buildings (think New York city apartments or Boston Brownstones) brick is also perfect for a modern farmhouse. It adds warmth and charm to a contemporary interior and makes a traditional space more cool and hip.

Painted white, brick feels modern or cottagy. Painted black or dark gray, brick gives a space a moody, industrial look. Painted a bright, vibrant color, brick takes on a boho chic vibe. Ceilings dressed in brick provide a cool textured backdrop for art and highlight a striking chandelier or light fixture.

Brick is one of the most versatile design elements. It’s timeless and timely. It’s been called “the Chanel jacket of interiors.” And I think that’s pretty spot on.

Here are 33 beautiful examples of brick accent walls and ceilings that might make you want to consider embracing this very cool look in your home.



Exposed brick is a natural for contemporary or industrial urban spaces. It adds a roughness that complements sleeker materials and furnishings very well.

Source Unknown


Photo by Sylvie Li


Painting brick black or dark gray adds moodiness and even a little bit of mystery to a room.

Photo by Lorenzo Pennati


Source Unknown



Painting brick white, or whitewashing it, lends a modern or cottagy or farmhouse vibe to your space depending on your design aesthetic.




Painting brick a vibrant color adds personality and whimsy to a space.

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Source Unknown





If your bricks are beautiful, don’t hide them! Exposed brick walls in their natural state are stunning and are a fabulous focal point.

Source Unknown


Source Unknown


Source Unknown



Ceilings clad in brick are a stunning finishing touch to all styles of rooms and are a beautiful backdrop for any type of lighting fixture. (Want more ideas for that “fifth” wall? Click here).

Designer: Francis Sultana | Architect: Thomas Croft
Photo by Luke White for Architectural Digest



Designer: Joan Behnke | Architect: Landry Design Group
Photo by Nino Munoz for Architectural Digest


Designer: Fisher Wiseman
Photo by Simon Watson for Architectural Digest



Brick walls are great. A map on a brick wall is super cool.

So what do you think? Are you a brick lover or leaver? Would you try this classic, yet timely, look in your home? We’d love to help you uncover the potential of brick in your remodel or custom build. And if you don’t like brick, well, that’s great, too. Whatever your aesthetic, we can make your design dreams come true. Give us a call at 314.395.1114 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

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