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32 Home Bars that are Ready to Party

Summer is flying by! I can’t believe it’s already August. At Marcia Moore Design, that means we’re working hard to make sure our clients who need projects completed by the holidays are not disappointed. Yep, the holidays are already on our radar! So, even though this is still hot and drippy August, I decided to make this blog post about entertaining indoors when the temps start to dip and the fireplaces start to glow. And what better place to start than at a party-ready home bar!

Home bars come in all shapes and sizes. Well-stocked for an impromptu happy hour or a leisurely dinner party, a home bar is a special space in your home that both you and your guests will certainly appreciate.

Take a look at some of my favorite home bars and learn how to up your bar game now so you’re party-ready when the snowflakes start to fall.


Seriously Sexy

What is it about jewel-toned velvet or luscious leather in a bar that just screams sexy? Dark and moody bars like these conjure up scenes from The Great Gatsby or The Sting. Gin Rickey anyone?

Style Secrets: Give your bar extra panache by adding an antiqued mirrored back or a special paint treatment. Also bars don’t need bar stools. Comfy swivels make your bar area seem more lounge like.

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Bold and Gold

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little bling when designing your home bar. Gold definitely says glamour, whether you add just a touch on the shelves or go all out on the front of the bar.

Style Secrets: Metallic finishes add warmth and bounce light around the room, so they’re perfect in a darker, moodier space. And natural stone is certainly a luxurious and classic choice for a bar countertop.

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Get Lit

The proper lighting makes all the difference in your home bar. Make sure you light up your glassware and even your selection of libations for a “real bar” at home vibe. And check out onyx for your bar countertop. Nothing is as striking as backlit onyx!

Style Secrets: If your bar is in the basement, it’s especially important to light it up well! Interesting pendants, unusual chandeliers and pretty sconces are all ways to make your home bar a standout.

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Want a home bar that rivals those at the best restaurants in town? We can do that! Here are some ultimate at home bars that are the epitome of domestic bar bliss.

Style Secrets: Don’t hide your crystal glassware behind closed doors. Show off the good stuff! And think of your home bar as a place to really get creative with design, such as the cool tiles on the front of the bar in the first photo.

Gimme a Double

Looking to design a home bar straight outta Mad Men? If you’re into midcentury cool, here’s some groovy inspiration that will make your next shindig pretty swanky. We think Don Draper would approve.

Style Secrets: Bar carts were big in the midcentury, so if you don’t have room for an actual bar, not to worry. A little wheeled drinks cart will work just fine. And remember to stock it well with classic libations and vintage glassware. Don’t forget the ice bucket!

Gorgeous and Glossy

Liquor looks better in lacquer! There’s no better way to take the gorgeous factor up a notch than to add some lacquer to your home bar. Any color is wonderful in lacquer but blue is a true classic for a bar, especially navy.

Style Secrets: Gold hardware is a natural with navy blue, and mirrored bar backs will make that lacquer shine even more!

Source Unknown


Moor is More

Dreaming of faraway places and dreamy locales? Give your home bar an exotic vibe with Moroccan-inspired tiles.

Style Secrets: You can really amp up a standard built in bar by covering the back in a beautiful or unusual tile. And the colors don’t have to be colorful to be cool. Black and white tile makes a stunning graphic statement.

Tradition on Tap

If your tastes (no pun intended) run more traditional, take a look at this beautiful home bar we created for a very happy client.

Style Secrets: Traditional doesn’t mean boring! Add interest with intricately carved corbels or natural stone.

Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Alise O’Brien


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Alise O’Brien


Design by Marcia Moore | Photo by Alise O’Brien


Built-in Beauties

Awkward spaces, alcoves, funky corners? No problem. Here are some beautiful home bars built especially for their unusual or tight spaces. And don’t overlook using a bookcase as a bar. It’s a perfect double duty solution.

Style Secrets: Shelves are a must when space is an issue. Glass shelves and floating wood shelves work well because they create an airy, open look. Simple design elements, such as  shelving in a chevron pattern, can have big visual impact, too, for minimal cost.

Design and Photo by Alice Lane Home | Via The Kitchn


Hidden Speakeasy

Tight on space but want a home bar? Now you see it, now you don’t. A hidden bar can be tucked away until you’re ready to entertain.

Style Secrets: There are lots of ways to hide a bar; behind a screen, behind a door, even behind a wall!

And Finally….

No room for a full bar? Not excited about a bar cart? Why not try an exquisite bar cabinet? This to die for piece was just delivered to one of my client’s homes yesterday!

Style Secrets: Bar cabinets come in all shapes, sizes and styles. We can definitely find one that fits your unique space.

Thirsty Yet?

I don’t know about you but all this talk about bars has me feeling a little thirsty. And what’s a story about bars without some drink recipes to go along with it? Cheers! Santé! Salud! Prost!

(All images via

Moscow Mule

Click HERE for recipe


French Martini

Click HERE for recipe


Cabana Boy

Click HERE for recipe


Bloody Caesar

Click HERE for recipe


Home bars are one of the little domestic luxuries that really pack a punch (champagne punch, that is). Need help making yours intoxicating? Give us a call at 314.395.1114 and let’s get this party started!

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